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Welcome to Paralyzed/The Cardigans' News Section. Here you can find the latest news on The Cardigans!
Hanging Around Single
The Cardigans are set to release their third single from Gran Turismo, Hanging Around. The Internationl 4 track has already been released in various countries like Sweden and Germany. Below you will find the tracklistings for the International release and the UK Release:
International Release Release Date: 14-June-99
01. Hanging Around (radio mix)
02. Hanging Around (Jasmine St. Claire Mix)
03. Hanging Around (Naid Mix)
04. Erase/Rewind (video, director's cut)
UK Release Release Date: 12-July-99
Disc 1
01. Hanging Around
02. Hanging Around (Jasmine St. Claire Mix)
03. Erase/Rewind
04. Erase/Rewind (video, director's cut)

Disc 2
01. Hanging Around (Alternative Radio Mix)
02. My Favourite Game (Rollo's Mix)
03. Hanging Around (Naid Mix)
04. Hanging Around (CD-Rom Mix)

My Favourite Import
The Cardigans and Minty Fresh Records are putting out a special two-CD version of Emmerdale, originally released in 1994 outside the United States. The first disc is the original album, while the second is a bonus EP consisting of four previously unavailable tracks. May 18 is the release date. Below is the current tracklisting for the album, which can be pre-ordered NOW at CDNOW!
Disc 1
01. Sick & Tired
02. Black Letter Day
03. In The Afternoon
04. Over The Water
05. After All...
06. Cloudy Sky
  07. Our Space
08. Rise & Shine
09. Celia Inside
10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
11. Seems Hard
12. Last Song
Disc 2
01. Pikebubbles
02. Travelling With Charley
  03. Sunday Circus Song
04. Closing Time

Nina and Nathan Record NEW Track and Erase/Rewind Gets "Kissed"

According to NME, Nina and her boyfreind Nathan Larson have recorded a new track for an upcoming indie film by director Morgan J. Freeman. Below is the article where NME reports on the record:

Cardigans singer Nina Persson and boyfriend Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think have recorded a song together for the new film by indie director Morgan J Freeman.

MTV Europe reports that they have written a song called 'What The Hell Are You Cryin' For?', which will appear on the soundtrack of 'Desert Blue', directed by Morgan J Freeman (of 'Hurricane Streets' fame; no relation to the star of 'Seven' and 'Deep Impact') - which also stars Christina Ricci ('The Ice Storm', 'The Opposite Of Sex') and Brendan Sexton (last seen in 'Welcome To The Dolls House' and 'Hurricane Streets').

'Desert Blue' is set in small town, with 89 people living in it on a good day which is quarantined when a truck carrying a "secret ingredient" for a cola drink crashes on the highway and its driver dies of unknown causes. No UK release date has been set.

In other news, Erase/Rewind will be included in the soundtrack for the new American film "Never Been Kissed." The movie stars Drew Barrymore as a news reporter on assignment as a teen to see how modern high school life is like. The soundtrack also included artists like R.E.M and Semisonic and is scheduled for release in the US on April 6, 1999.

Cardigans Chat on TOTP
The Cardigans chatted on TOTP's Backchat on February 25th! They also performed a pre-recorded version of Erase/Rewind on the same show on the 26th! We didnt catch the performance but were sure that it must have been awesome!
View Chat Transcript
View Picture from Performance
Cardigans Recieve 4 Grammis!
The Cardigans recieved 4 grammis at the 1999 Swedish Grammigalas. The Cardigans won for Best Album (Gran Turismo), Best Pop/Rock Group, Peter Svensson won for Best Composer, and Tore Johansson for Best Producer. Congratulations to The Cardigans and to all the other winners. You can check out an article about the awards at Expressen (In Swedish). They were also nominated in the categories of Best Artist and for Best Song (MFG).
Erase/Rewind Single
The new single for The Cardigans new album "Gran Turismo" is "Erase/Rewind." The single, which is being released in two parts, contains all 4 versions of the "My Favourite Game" video which was directed by the contraversial video director Jonas Åkerlund. The single can now be purchased at Siren CD! Below is a tracklisting for the single and you can see in the single cover to your left (thanks to The Cardigans Resort):
CD1   CD2
1. Erase/Rewind
2. Explode (Remixed)
3. My Favourite Game (4 videos)
  1. Erase/Rewind
2. Erase/Rewind (Cut La Roc Remix)
3. Erase/Rewind (Naid Remix)
tracklisting courtesy of Siren CD
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