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Welcome to Paralyzed/The Cardigans' Sounds Section. Below are several soundclips from Gran Turismo and there current singles.


Gran TurismoGran TurismoGran Turismo    

Sound Clip Info  
ParalyzedParalyzedParalyzed Real Audio, 1.2MB  
Erase/RewindErase/RewindErase/Rewind Real Audio, 866KB  
ExplodeExplodeExplode Real Audio, 982KB  
StarterStarterStarter Real Audio, 928KB  
Hanging AroundHanging AroundHanging Around Real Audio, 883KB  
HigherHigherHigher Real Audio, 1.1MB  
Marvel HillMarvel HillMarvel Hill Real Audio, 1.0MB  
My Favourite GameMy Favourite GameMy Favourite Game Real Audio, 875KB  
Do You BelieveDo You BelieveDo You Believe Real Audio, 803KB  
Junk Of The HeartsJunk Of The HeartsJunk Of The Hearts Real Audio, 999KB  
NilNilNil *Instrumental Song Real Audio, 553KB  
My Favourite GameMy Favourite GameMy Favourite Game    
Sound Clip Info  
WarWarWar Real Audio, 946KB  
WarWarWar *First Try Real Audio, 990KB  
Sick & TiredSick & TiredSick & Tired *Live Real Audio, 821KB  
My Favourite GameMy Favourite GameMy Favourite Game *Remix Real Audio, 498KB  
LovefoolLovefoolLovefool *Live Real Audio, 803KB  
Sound Clip Info  
ExplodeExplodeExplode*Remixed Real Audio, 1.2MB  
Erase/RewindErase/RewindErase/Rewind *Cut La Roc Vocal Mix Real Audio, 964KB  
Erase/RewindErase/RewindErase/Rewind *Naid Remix Real Audio, 1.6MB  
Hanging AroundHanging AroundHanging Around    
Hanging AroundHanging AroundHanging Around*Jasmine St. Claire Mix Real Audio(Zip), 1.1MB  
Hanging AroundHanging AroundHanging Around*Naid Mix Real Audio(Zip), 986KB  
My Favourite GameMy Favourite GameMy Favourite Game *Rollo's Mix Real Audio, 1.5MB  
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*if you have any problems downloading any of the above clips, try using the excellent d/load program getright, available at